Three Types of Custom Signs Your Business Needs

When you’re looking to promote your business, having the right signage that engages your customers while helping you achieve your business objectives is very important.

At Identity Signs, we love working with our clients to determine which type of signs will have the most impact on their business. Our custom services allow us to design the right sign just for you and your business needs.

Here are three types of signs we feel are the most beneficial to your business:

1. Routed Signs

At Identity Signs, we have a multi-axis CNC router that allows us to custom route any number of materials including wood, composite foam sign material, PVC, metal, and many more.

These signs are custom built and hand crafted just for your business – we can use your logo, colors, motto, or anything else that is recognizable to your business. On routed signs, the letters are “carved out” in a sense to help them stand out from the background design or colors, giving you even more options for customization. We work hard to ensure that your logo looks just right, and this is a great sign option for doing just that.

The variety of materials that we are able to route gives you more control on the type of sign you can choose and can help you more easily comply with any signage material regulations that may be in place.

2. Business and Yard Signs

For business and yard sign options, we offer everything from small-corrugated plastic to PVC and wooden posts to brick monuments.

We are able to custom make high-quality signs that promote your business well. These include outdoor hanging signs, outdoor stand-alone signs, and real estate signs, as well as any other outdoor sign need you may have. These signs can be used to help people locate your business as well as promote the work your business does at other locations.

Again, our custom abilities allow for us to provide you with the necessary signage to meet any requirements or restrictions when it comes to materials or design.

3. Vinyl Graphics and Lettering

If you’re not able to put up a sign at your business location, we also provide vinyl graphics that can fit your signage needs. This may be as simple as lettering for the front door, the window of your office, or a full graphic display. The options are endless, and we can provide the vinyl graphics to take your signs to the next level.

We even offer a type of perforated window graphics that show a full-color, full-coverage graphic from the exterior while preserving ability from the interior. These can be great for any graphics that cover an entire window.

Vinyl graphics can also be used to turn vehicles into mobile billboards. Think of how many people this could get your business name in front of!

These sign options above cover our main sign options for your business, but we are not limited to these alone. We’d love to discuss your business needs with you to see what we can come up with to help you promote your business in every way. Contact us for more information or a quote today!